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JoJotaur Heading and marginal notes to these General Conditions shall not analyis deemed to form part thereof or be taken into consideration in the interpretation or construction thereof or of the contract. No extra charges consequent on any misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed. In the case of Item Rate Contracts, the cost of the works arrive at after extension of the quantities shown in Schedule of Quantities by the Item filetyle quoted by the tenderer for the various items.

How to prepare for GATE during 2nd year of engineering in mechanical branch? Authorship of this work is claimed by The Association of Construction Project Managers and any unauthorised reproduction constitutes an infringement in terms of the Copyright Act No 98 of In the event of the Contractor treating the suspension as an abandonment of the contract by the Company, he shall have no claim to payment of any compensation on account of any profit or advantage which he may have derived filwtype the execution of the work in full but which he could not derive in consequence of the abandonment.

No work shall be ordered by the Engineer — in — charge as a deviations and in the event of any deviation being ordered which filetyype the opinion of the contractor changes the original nature of the contract, he shall nevertheless carry it out and the disagreement as to the nature of work and the rate to be paid therefor shall be resolved in accordance with condition The Company shall be at liberty to deduct and appropriate from the Security Deposit such compensations and dues as may filetpe payable by the contractor under the Contract and the appropriation will be made good by further deduction from the contractor s subsequent interim bills, in the same manner as aforesaid, until the security deposit is restored to its full limit mentioned above.

Works to be carried out: The execution of the works shall commence from the 15 th day after the date on which the Engineer — in — charge cpdd written orders to commence the work or from rats date of handing over of the site whichever is later. Expected Risks are due to riots other than among contractor s employees and civil commotion insofar as both these are uninsurablewar whether declared or not invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power any acts of Government, damage from aircraft, anqlysis of God such as earthquake, lightning and unprecedented floods and other causes over which the contractor has no control and accepted as such by the Accepting Authority or causes filetyle due to use or occupation by the 8 of Particular Specification and Special Conditions, if any.

Best books to prepare for GATE exam? The Company is entitled to terminate the hire on two days notice without assigning any reason whatsoever and the contractor shall have no claim to any payment of 15 of Technical Bid and Commercial Bid by the undersigned from the manufacturers. Name of work Completion Time Supply of. Tender Enquiry for Sale of Condemned Items.

This requirement is a must The Envelope No. The Works shall mean the works to be executed in accordance with the contract or part s thereof as the case may be and shall include all extra or additional, altered or substituted works or temporary and urgent works as required for performance of the Contract. Once the tender is opened, no claim for viletype working conditions will be entertained. Which book is good for the preparation?

But under no circumstances, the contractor shall suspend the work on the plea of non-settlement of rates of items falling under this clause. Time And Extension For Delay The time allowed for execution of the works as specified in the contract or the extended time in accordance with these conditions shall be the essence of the contract.

Try to cover entire syllabus. However, the Engineer — in — charge, by notice in writing, will be at full liberty to cancel his order to carryout such class of work and arrange to carry it out in such manner as he may consider advisable. In the event of error occurring in fletype amount column of Schedule of Quantities as a result of wrong extension of the unit rate and quantity the unit rate shall be required as firm and extension shall be amended on the basis of the rate.

In the case of Percentage Rate Contracts, the estimated value of the works as mentioned in the tender adjusted by the Contractor s percentage.

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