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First the processing resources So you have to choose between crossover or EQ. The device is useless as a crossover! Generally, EQs are made to correct frequency response With the DCX, solving a frequency response problem will only create more problems The number of parametric EQs is limited: only one per output!! Crossover and EQ frequencies have been preset.

For example, you can select either Hz or Hz but nothing in between! I would prefer a product with less possibilities but more parametric filters, reliable correction, the same level meter as the DEQ adjustable if possible , a limiter with values under dB and precise attack and release settings like on the DEQ , a faster display in some cases, you have to wait one second to see the changes on the display , continuous frequency selection like on the DEQ.

Or better: a simple USB connector! Sounds are not reliable. Before testing it, I wanted to give it a 5 mainly because of the price but now I give it a 0 because of the plentiful conception mistakes! I strongly advise you against it! This product is rubbish and it is not worth a quarter of its price. They should be ashamed to sell such a product! Before I had a CX analog active filter , perfect for beginners. Reliable, neutral, accurate and efficient, I could not do without.

But the result is well worth widening the meninges Did you find this review helpful? I substituted DCX, unwanted by spliter broadband. Each amp supports speaker Gemini RS 10 ", 12", 15 ", these speakers have different curves and complementary, I cover the bandwidth evenly. Configuration easy to eouvre places in the acoustic complex. The DCX is powered by a DEQ in AES3, this digital connection allows me to carry the signal without loss or distortion at distances of the order of meters and more with DMX cable, this configuration prevents remote amp rack hp cables too long and very expensive.

At each make good analysis before buying equipment. For my part this material satisfies me in that I actually use. There is no bad tools My audio config:.


Behringer ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 User Manual



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Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496 Manual De Usuario


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