Mothership is a tabletop role-playing game of sci-fi horror published by Tuesday Night Games. Announcements Brett running Streets of What are our thoughts on that? Asks Sky. We also touch on resolving the encounter, typically social in nature. It encompasses a wide array of things like types of players, the games you play, whether you game master or play, whether you have game masters as players.

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You can change the sound and the Swap Mode. Swap decides what happens after fighting an enemy. If you turn it on, after losing, you switch places and wait five seconds. If turned off, you go back to where you were before. Marshal Selection Screen: I will now explain in detail what to do. Press A to enter the Team Selection Screen. Press B to exit to World Map. Press X to select or de-select a marshal. You cannot de-select marshals with a "GO" mark in red.

There are must use marshals. Press A to focus in on the special info displayed. Press B to exit out of each screen. Team Creation Screen: Now things get complicated. Press A to go to monster catalog. Select a monster with the Control Pad and press A, replacing the current monster in that position.

The front position is that of the lead monster, the one you see in the Field. In the monster catalog, hit A to select. Up and down on the Control Stick scroll, while the control pad selects. Hit X to display secondary information. Press B to exit monster catalog.

In the Team Creation Screen, hit X to remove a monster from a team. It goes back to the catalog. Press Z to equip items. Press A to equip. Press X to use Class Change items. Press B to exit item selection. Whenever your cursor goes over something, such as an item, an ability, an attack, etc. However, you cannot zoom in on special info.

Scroll through any dialogue, but pay careful attention to the Objectives Box. This shows you the winning and losing conditions. Press A to continue. Press A in the field to select a monster, a base, etc.

When selecting a marshal, use the control stick and press A again to set movement. When selecting an enemy base or marshal, you can view its info.

When selecting a friendly base, you can view the info. You can also choose a number of commands. They can only be used if a marshal is present. They are: Team Command: Move a stationed team. Equipment: Build various Equipment. See Campaign Info. Replenish: Replenish items if Supply Unit is built. Cannot replenish gods. Costs gold. Trader: Buy items if Trader is in. Trader is always in if Trade Union is built.

Healing: Heal monsters if Healer is built. Press Y to view info on a team. This works like info in the Marshal Select Screen, except you must press Y again to view monsters. Press Start to Pause the game, but you cannot do anything when the game is paused. Press Z to go to Icon Mode. When two marshals meet in the field or a marshal enters an occupied base, a battle begins. That is also another story.

Moving the C-stick zooms the camera and also shifts it. X changes cursor size. Note that this does not pause the game. Start still pauses. They will come back in the main base after 5 hours of game time see next Section. Additionally, the local map enlarges. The selected monsters monsters appear below the map, and the marshal picture appears to the right of the marshal icons, below the info icons.

Press X to select multiple marshals, press A while highlighting a selected marshal to choose a target. Press Y to view info. This mode does not zoom on special info. Press R to focus on one marshal, L while focusing to stop. X-selected marshals appear to the right of the marshal picture. With an enemy marshal, press Y to view info, then Y again to view monsters. A does nothing, and you cannot move them.

Selecting a base is different. All you do is view the base info. Press Z again to return to 3-D mode. Battle Controls: Battles are turn-based. There are many controls. Start displays the current score of the marshals. A is attack, and you must choose which monster to attack by hitting A, Y, or X. Z is special attack. C-stick moves the enemy status window. Y lets you view info on the monsters.

X lets you use items. L is escape. R is defend. B is wait. Not that many secrets, are there? There are several glitches in the game. The battles were unaffected, and it went back to normal after the mission. The thing that covered my screen had strange writing on it. If you have any other glitches, tell me and I will post them here. A: Go to where the mountains are beginning to align with the river with Joey! You must go with Joey!

Q: Where is Cosmo Queen? Q: Where are the Gemini Elves? She is in Tower-Deneb. Q: Where is King of Yamimakai? Q: Where do I get Moisture Creature? A: Yes! This location has been emailed to me, and has been confirmed by me and many other people. Look in my monster list. Q: Where do I get Lava Battleguard? A: Finally! Move along the mountains edge, which are just to the right of the river and south of Beyzon. Somewhere along the way, Lava Battleguard will appear and talk to his little brother, Swamp Battleguard.


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