Jul 27, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Face Reading is a means to a deeper communication with every person you meet. It makes you stop and think. Amazing Face Reading Having 3 days of intense training helped bring it all together. Jan 30, Vijay added it.

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Speakers Network Worldwide Body Language Mac Fulfer Mac Fulfer Mac Fulfer is a popular speaker and lecturer who gives presentations on face reading for national and international conferences. He customizes his presentation to the specific needs of any organization such as improving sales, jury selection, and better hiring interviews. Mac Fulfer practiced law in Fort Worth for over 22 years after earning his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas in Initially, Mr.

Fulfer became interested in the practice of face reading for the purpose of jury selection. He quickly discovered that face reading changed his perspective, allowing him to see people more compassionately through the experiences reflected on their faces. Since then, he has researched and developed these skills and presented ideas in workshops across the country.

His workshops are in great demand from lawyers, educational institutions, Fortune companies and other venues that have an interest in understanding people. As a presenter, Mr. Fulfer relies on his background, personal experience, wisdom and expertise in face reading to give participants information that will enhance their communication skills.

We had to find just the right talent. Work with the budget. Negotiate hotel contracts. Pick the menu. Market the ideas. Book the travel. Let us walk with you. Social Links.

ISO TS 24817 PDF

Amazing Face Reading: An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Reading Faces

His enthusiastic, passionate presentation style is both educational and fun, and his keen interest in lifelong self-improvement led him to explore Face Reading as both a calling and a career. Upon meeting Mac Fulfer, the father of Modern Face Reading, at a financial industry conference in , Anthony knew immediately that face reading was a skill he needed to acquire. In typical fashion, he completely immersed himself into the task, and was soon reading everyone he met. Not long after, he began informally counseling and helping friends and co-workers learn the skill, and in he decided to formally pursue Face Reading as a career. He has since received full certification from Mac Fulfer in the Amazing Face Reading technique, and he continually strives to not only expand upon his own skills, but to help others do so as well. And just like a map, this information is available to anyone who can read it.


Amazing Face Reading

The most comprehensive, easy-to-use book of Face Reading available today. Refresh and try again. It was worth every penny. And it kinda is.


Mac Fulfer


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