Ford 5. The quad-cam Coyote was already an extremely efficient air pump, but the Ford engineers took things even further on the dual-fueled up engines. The jump to direct injection was a bit of a learning curve for most auto manufacturers. Due to the inhomogeneous blending of air and fuel at low engine speeds, controlling engine emissions has become harder. Think of a mist sprayer port injection versus a pressure washer direct injection. Some car manufacturers that use supplemental port injection will spray the DI and port injectors together at low rpm, whereas the Gen 3 Coyote relies solely on the port injection at low loads, then adds in the direct injection as engine speed increases.

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Zulkitilar Displacement ci Bore 4. Rated at hp and lb-ft of torque by the factory, our test method differed from Ford. In a lightweight Fox or early Mustang with a five-speed behind it, this would be a great little street engine. Comp Cams Memphis, TN The hardest part of swapping test cam was just getting the timing cover off and back on again. Our stories often provide the recipe and the results. The remainder of the motor was stock from the 60mm throttle body to the factory oil pan.

When we added timing, it lost power. With a wilder roller cam, a single-plane intake, and a point or so more compression, hp is a possibility, though with greatly diminished driveability. In addition, the cam timing was designed for torque, with duration somewhere around degrees at 0. Texts time 5. Forged components ensured plenty of strength, since we later ran both boost and nitrous on these combinations. By the Numbers We started with a ,mile 5.

This carbureted stroker produced hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft at 4, rpm. The injected version was equipped with a set of CNC-ported heads from Procomp Electronics, a healthy Crane hydraulic-roller cam 0.

If you are plan to swap this 5. First off, our stock 5. Since man does not yests by 5. Dart supplied CNC-ported Pro 1 heads for this test. Complete results from over 2, dyno pulls Literally tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of dyno test results provided in this book. The stock GT40P springs must be upgraded when going to a longer-duration cam. The longer duration created a slight loss of torque below 3, rpm compared to both previous cams, but beyond that mild loss of power, the bigger Voodo tssts its smaller cousin, cranking out a peak torque of lb-ft at 4, a gain of 7 lb-ft over Test 2 and charging to a peak horsepower of at 6, rpm.

While the modular Ford is a killer powerplant, it lacks the variety of parts and variety of possible combinations of heads, intakes, cams and displacement. Late-model hydraulic roller 5. The number of performance packages that have been applied to the otherwise-stock short-block is staggering, but this is a good example of what can be expected. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions.

These engines came with the GT40P head, which even with its small valves, offers really good performance. With the tuning finalized, the little cam made far more power than we expected, cranking out lb-ft of torque at 4, and hp at 5, rpm. For additional insurance, we also added a set of ARP head studs, which are stronger and offer dynno thread overlap than factory bolts, which helps prevent pulling threads out of a used block.

As a final goal, we decided to bolt on a simple nitrous system and see if we could push this little small-block Ford to make some real power. The Crane hydraulic-roller cam was carried over on this carbureted application. They offer pounds on the testts and pounds at 0. We were surprised to see that a set of extrude honed stock heads was worth 38 horsepower on a stock engine! How about which mass air meter yields the biggest gain? If a is good, then a must be even better, right? And changing parts is sometimes part of the fun.

With nitrous, this is easily a midsecond ride. The ci comes with a 4. The multiple-layer steel construction allows the gasket to conform to movement between the cylinder head and block while maintaining a good seal. Feeding the beast was a Holley HP carburetor. We have included the horsepower and torque graphs for a bone-stock 5.

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