Fail-safe system Able to start Able to drive Diagnostic code No. Pull it toward the handlebar to acti- vate the front brake. Displayed temperature is the current coolant temperature. Before washing the machine, block off the end of the exhaust pipe to prevent water odners entering.

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Gulrajas Main axle Oil check bolt Page 10 If manuap have any questions regarding the operation or maintenance of your machine, please consult your Yamaha dealer. Torque specifications 6 mm ownets special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. Do not use a sharp instrument to avoid damag- ing or scratching: Bolt timing chain tensioner: Tighten the bolts in stage, using a crisscross pattern.

Tighten the nut while applying the rear brake. Gasket Refer to removal section. If you should swallow some gasoline, inhale excess gasoline vapors, or allow any gasoline to get into your eyes, contact a doctor immediately. Fuel injector coupler above the cover. This manual should be considered a perma- nent part of this machine and should remain with it even if the machine is subsequently sold. Whitish spark plug Clogged float valve seat With the lever in this position, fuel will not flow.

YM Valve guide installer This tool is needed to install the 5. The front brake lever 1 is located on the right handlebar. Page 10 Nm 1. Disconnect the throttle position sensor coupler. If the segment gets an impact, it may be damaged.

We recommend to use Yamaha genuine parts for all replace- ments. Data indicating When the FI diagnostic tool is set to the sensor status is displayed on the diagnostic mode, the sensor out- the LCD of the FI diagnostic tool. Before washing the machine, block off the end of the exhaust pipe to prevent water oners entering. Measure at all four points. Be sure ownerw install the master link clip to the direction as shown.

Clutch cable Disconnect at engine side. All circlips should be inspected carefully before reassembly. The camshafts should be installed onto the cylinder head so that the exhaust cam sprocket punch mark c and the intake cam sprocket punch mark d align with the sur- face of the cylinder head. When ordering parts, you can give the number to your Yamaha dealer for positive identification of the model you own.

Page of Go. This manual also for: Support the machine securely so 2. Shearing noise If cannot be corrected: Bend the lock washer tab to lock the nut. Antriebsart Kettenantrieb links Nockenwellenlager-Durchmesser 22,—22, mm 0,—0, in Nockenwellenzapfen-Durchmesser 21,—21, mm Nut balancer Refer to removal section. Displayed temperature is close to the ambient temperature. Drive sprocket Clip Bolt brake pedal Brake pedal Engine upper bracket right Engine upper bracket left Engine lower bracket Engine mounting bolt So it is recommended that the front fork be maintained at the dealers.

There are two significant reasons for knowing the serial number of your machine: Crankshaft end accessing screw Refer to removal section. It is illegal for this machine to be operated on any public street, road, or highway. Clean the contacting surface of crankcase left and right before applying the sealant. Engine Refer to removal section. Warp limit 0. Pull the clutch lever Your Yamaha engine has been de- to the handlebar to disengage the signed to use premium unleaded gas- clutch, and release the lever to en- oline with a pump octane number gage the clutch.

Kanual the engine and thoroughly warm it up. Make sure the spring 1 fits on the stopper a of the lever 2. Therefore, it is nec- essary to take into consideration the air pres- sure, ambient temperature, humidity, etc. Unhook the torsion spring 2 from the hole a in the crankcase. The bending value is shown by one half of the dial gauge reading.

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Valve lifter Use special tool. Fuel injector coupler above the cover. Symptom Ignition system circuit signal is not received properly. Remove the bearing using a general bearing puller 2. Apply the lithium soap base grease on the brake lever sliding surface, bolt and contacting Cap bolt ring wrench This tool is used to loosen or tighten YM, the damper assembly. From outer tube top. The front fork setting includes the following three factors: It represents the highest grade of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader.


Yamaha yz450f 2007 Manuals


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