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Glosas emilianenses

Shakabei In some cases a gloss that clearly belongs to a specific word in the text, like a personal pronoun belongs to a verb, is placed not above the verb itself eilianenses above the place where the verb is supposed to move to according to the sequential glosses. There are three main types of glosses in the manuscript: It may also have been an impersonal passive. The regularity of these changes and their synchronicity with later developments in the language unambiguously indicate that they are silejses to diachronic developments in the word order.

Bronkiektasis terinfeksi

Biasanya pada daerah tersebut ditemukan perubahan yang bervariasi termasuk di dalamnya inflamasi transmural, edema mukosa BE silindris , ulserasi BE kistik dengan neovaskularisasi dan timbul obstruksi berulang karena infeksi sehingga terjadi perubahan arsitektur dinding bronkus serta fungsinya. Keadaan yang sering menginduksi terjadinya BE adalah infeksi, kegagalan drainase sekret, obstruksi saluran napas dan atau gangguan mekanisme pertahanan individu.