Buy Book Description: Life is a mixture of good and bad, or so they say. There are no guarantees as to what may transpire as the immediate present unfolds into the uncertain future. Things change in an instant. Two things, however, are certain.

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Feb 18, Cody Sexton rated it really liked it I never asked to be born! Who hasnt said, or screamed, this while in the grip of some teenage angst ridden meltdown?

I myself still say it regularly, which is to say everyday, sometimes multiple times. But what if we took this grievance as a statement worth examining instead of writing it off as a phase we will most likely grow out of or at least learn to tolerate once we discover that adult pacifier known as alcohol? Welcome to antinatalism my friend, an obscure branch of philosophy that has developed a sort of cult following online.

Making, Confessions of an Antinatalist, part philosophical treatise, part memoir, a thoughtful deconstruction of our basest urges, i.

And while the first half of the book feels somewhat aimless, constantly flipping between heavier discussions of antinatalism with stories from his past, it works quite well in setting up the second half of the book, which is where things get genuinely more interesting. Crawford dedicates the end of the book to his own philosophy of antinatalism, which, sadly I found surprisingly short, followed by a brief exchange with his critics.

The drive to procreate, to blast that little bit of DNA, while balls deep, inside of some skanks cunt, to create yet another hairless lump of flesh, is one that no logical argument will ever be able to dent. Within this logic, suicide is foolish because it prevents a person from attaining the highest wisdom and the true inner peace that would come from the actual renunciation of the will-to-live. There is always the pressure to offer pockets of hope, redemption, or escape in our narratives, and Confessions is intent on withholding it.

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Confessions of an Antinatalist


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