Mezizil They can be found in all internal tissues of the eye — except the lens — where they cause eye inflammation, bleedingand other complications that ultimately lead to blindness. Returning from a trip to Mexico he consulted an eye doctor in Edmonton and was seven weeks in hospital for internal bleeding of the eye. In a small number of cases, bleeding in the eyeinside the head, the lung or the joints has also been reported. The bloody eye was from retinienns enlarged lymph node blocking the retinal vein. Musati was severely assaulted by police officers at the Katutura police station and sustained the following injuries: Facial ulcerations, petechial hemorrhaging in the eyesconstricted pupils. So can Wolff-Parkinson- White syndrome, and it also causes hemorrhaging in the eyes.

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hémorragie intraoculaire



Hémorragie rétinienne de haute altitude (HRHA)


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