Eliminate guesswork and know what to trade and when Set your own hours and work from home or anywhere else. First off Being a 9 to 5 slave is no fun. You could break your back getting results for a faceless company

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Real Deal Forex Tested and Reviewed forex trading systems. Cut through the hype, information overload, and false promises made by pitch pages of various forex trading systems out there. Use my site as a weapon against those just out to get the sale from you. Greetings, Thank you for visting. After investigating 6 forex systems , demo trading them and back testing them over a period of over 3 years I finally found two systems that I can recommend wholeheartedly, but ultimately you can be the judge..

I have broken them down into two categories: 1. Day Trading system hourly charts 2. Swing Trading system daily charts, good for those with a 9 to 5 job like me. I was wrong. Tom Strignano is the real deal as you can see from his bio shown on this page.

What I was later to find out was that I was to consider myself privileged to have access to his Forex insight. Forex Confidante is what I consider to be essential if you are trading Forex. Just so you know He has had as many as 30 traders under his tutelage while working for the banks. Also, last time I checked one of his main cars that he drives is a Maserati. You can learn more about Forex Confidante by clicking here. I respect that.

He is also passionate and driven to share his winning knowledge. He is a passionate person and he could not stop trading Forex even if he wanted to. I back tested a few of his techniques and filters and i found that they are valuable tools for all Forex traders. Valuable because they can help you make money and become a successful forex trader. Even if you just used his head fake filter off of major support and resistance points, you can do really well.

Some more of what he includes, as you will see in his sales letter is as follows: Discover why automated systems cannot - and never will - work How the wisdom of ancient Rome helped form his unique system How to listen to the market until it virtually tells you what to do How to target gaps in the marketplace By the way, Tom warns you of what not to do, what to avoid and this is part of winning.

There is a video that is included with the book, and it is gold you just need to be patient since the pace is a bit slow in my opinion but what that means is that it covers everything. Goes over root point and supply and demand points, calculating breakouts , entry , exit, scaling in and out of trades.

Love it. But his trend line break out technique also work on daily charts. As mentioned earlier I back tested some daily charts with his trend line breakout technique just like in the video and the results were profitable more times than not. It probably would take you well over a half of a million dollars to gain access to his treasure chest of forex wisdom accumulated by very high net worth individuals.

I also like that Tom Strignano lives and breathes this stuff. So in summary yes, this is a great book with easily understandable content. You can decide for yourself and Learn more about Forex Confidante by clicking here.

Starting in about , I researched, evaluated and tested some 6 or 7 forex systems. In short, most of all the systems that I investigated were either a too complicated b poor quality garbage I put Forex system research aside and decided to switch focus to real estate in Anyhow, after taking a few years off from investigating forex systems, I came back to my quest to identify a profitable Forex system to use and profit with.


Forex Confidante

I am a trader and not a writer. So I can understand how it can be confusing. I find it interesting that people who followed my little time system Thursday and Friday of last week are up over pips in two days. Yet we have robot people who say my trading system is garbage. Lejumeau is in breach of international copy write law for posting my material.


Forex Confidante Review

Thanks for visiting! It will scare you. It will frustrate you. But the truth is, Forex trading is a ruthless, high stakes endeavor… and needs to be approached with the knowledge and experience of a seasoned pro who has proven themselves in the big game. Forex Confidant is such an account… and can go a long way to improving your trading.

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