Doull So whoever has seen in a dream something he disliked, then he should spit without saliva thrice on his left side and seek refuge with Allah from Satan by saying:. He is alone, Who has no partner. And if it is destined that they should have a child, then Satan will never be able to harm that child. I usually expect buffets to be a little less glamorous than brunches but in this case it was really equivalent. When the Prophet S finished the prayer and pronounced salutation, he S uttered this supplication:.

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Whoever understands it and wholeheartedly believes it will be saved. The benefits and virtue of this phrase and its place in Islam are far greater than can be described. Sovereignty belongs to Him and all the praise is due to Him, and He is Potent over everything The translation of the same dua from hadith of Bukhari: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, the Alone Who has no partners, to Him belongs Dominion and to Him belong all the Praises, and He has power over all things i.

Omnipotent Benefit To Those who recite times In the hadith it mentions the benefit to those who recite this dua one hundred times. This is to emphasize how much weight or potent these words are.

It for what the sentence these words make when together, i. From the hadith, it says to those who recite times it as if: You get the reward of manumitting setting free ten slaves. One-hundred good deeds will be written in his account.

One-hundred bad deeds will be wiped off or erased from his account. Protected from the morning till evening from Shaitan. We are all guilty of not utilizing the time Allah has given us here on earth most effectively.

May Allah make us more mindful and aware of where the time is spent. With this technology comes unprecedented access to information that in the past was only for the privileged, but it has come with an expensive price to pay. So we must be wise and we must be careful. Teach them to use technology to their advantage but to not become a slave to it. We all need to think about the effect the things we purchase have on us. This is surely a test and we have to pay more attention to the things we give attention.

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Dua la ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu lahul mulku From Hadith with Meaning







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