Wrede is American fantasy writer. She was born on 27th March and is the eldest of five siblings. Two years later since her graduation, she married James Wrede but due to unforeseen circumstances divorced him in The author decided to soldier on with her higher studies, and in she graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MBA.

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Humans[ edit ] Cimorene - A highly intelligent and strong-willed princess of Linderwall. The youngest of six beautiful sisters, she is unlike them in both personality and physical appearance, being tall and black-haired rather than blonde and petite. Grey-haired with a long, grey beard. Antorell - The son of Zemenar and a fairly incompetent wizard, with brown hair and beard. Antorell is consistently referred to as not being very smart or intimidating, and is easily manipulated by others.

Morwen - A practical-minded and highly sensible witch who lives in the Enchanted Forest with her nine cats. She is short, with ginger hair and small square glasses. She infuriates Vamist in the third book with her nine cats he thinks witches should only have one , none of whom are black, and the fact that she grows plain apples in her garden, among other things. Telemain - An academic magician whose goal in life is to discover the inner workings of every existing type of magic, and has a particular interest in learning the ways of the very secretive wizards.

Moderate height with black hair and beard; has a tendency to indulge in overly long and complex technical explanations. Tall and black-haired, marries Cimorene at the end of the second book. Petite with crystallized honey hair. A major character in the first book. Vamist - Arona Michaelear Grinogion Vamist is a middle-aged, balding campaigner for traditional magic, causing many citizens of the world of the Enchanted Forest—including but not limited to fire-witches and witches that have more than one cat—to go into hiding, and forcing the rest to conform to his ideas of normalcy.

A major character in the third book who meets a rather humorous end. Daystar is raised in secrecy by Cimorene, thus does not know his heritage, and is greatly confused when the Society of Wizards deems him a threat. Shiara - A fire-witch who aids Prince Daystar in his quest. She is not particularly polite, and frequently mouths off or bursts into tears at the slightest hint of stress due to her unstable fire-witch powers. Dragons[ edit ] Kazul - A high-ranking female dragon, with bright green scales, whom Cimorene runs away to work for.

She becomes King of the dragons in the first book. Woraug - A distinctly unpleasant bright green dragon, who apparently dislikes Cimorene from the start. Tokoz - King of the Dragons before Kazul; appears only in the first book of the series. Roxim - An older dragon with a manner much like a favored uncle. His allergy to wizards and their staffs is particularly severe. Black and white, possibly a son of Horatio. Possibly a daughter of Trouble, as Horatio and Scorn would have produced only black and white offspring.

Grendel - cat belonging to the witch Archaniz, fat black male, not very intelligent. Horatio - cat belonging to Brandel a fire witch , black male with white paws and chin, forms a relationship with Scorn.

Nightwitch - kitten belonging to Shiara, gifted by Morwen to her. She appears similar to Horatio and Quiz, is more than likely one of their descendants. Killer - rabbit that is affected by a number of spells throughout the book Calling on Dragons , by the end being a 7-foot inch blue floating insubstantial winged donkey. Suz: A small gold and very energetic lizard that helps guide Daystar in Talking to Dragons. Non-dragon people[ edit ] Various fairies, elves, giants and dwarves appear throughout the series, and are considered as people.

Her Cauldron of Plenty comes in handy several times throughout the series, whether making or simply feeding her headed son-in-law, although it fails at dessert making only burnt mint custard and sour-cream-and-onion ice cream. Her husband Dobbilan gives up his pillaging lifestyle for consulting after meeting Mendabar. While mentioned several times in other books, she makes her first appearance in Searching for Dragons along with Dobbilan.

Herman the dwarf - Herman is a descendant of Rumpelstiltskin, with the same talents, but keeps ending up with children after no one was able to remember his name, even after he changed it. He lends Cimorene and Mendabar the use of a scrying window in Searching for Dragons. He is acquainted with Telemain, from whom Herman bought his home. Gypsy Jack - A human trader who operates from a multi-colored wagon, specializing in the repair of magical goods; Cimorene and Mendabar make use of this talent when needing repairs for their magic carpet.

Jack is a friend of the magician Telemain; first appears in Searching for Dragons. Brandel - A human fire-witch who lives in the Smoky Swamp, having moved there to get away from Vamist and his pursuits.

Like most fire-witches, he can set his hair ablaze without a thought, usually when he gets worked up and angry over a slight. Brandel aids Morwen and Cimorene in Calling on Dragons. Willin is a pleasant elf who enjoys formal occasions and is annoyed when the King leaves without warning which appears to happen often enough that he has a valid complaint.

Willin spends much of his time in the books chastising the King and Queen. Archaniz - Chairwitch of the Deadly Nightshade Gardening Club; maintains the "traditional" witch look black hat, hair, eyes, long nose, etc. One grows smokeblossoms and the other Midnight fire-flowers. We never learned his real name. Therandill -Prince of Sathem-by-the-Mountain. The gold Princess with hair the color of sun ripened wheat.

The pearl princess with hair the color of ripened apricots.


Dealing with Dragons

I am no longer a year old girl. I am a grown-ass woman, and I still love this book as much as I did the first time I read it. Share this book with your sisters, your daughters, your nieces. This is a wonderful book for a young girl, it sends so many positive messages. You do not have to fit into the mold.


[PDF] Dealing with Dragons Book by Patricia C. Wrede Free Download (212 pages)

Plot summary[ edit ] Princess Cimorene is frustrated by her life and persuades the castle staff to teach her fencing, magic, cooking, Latin, and other interesting subjects that are considered very "improper" for princesses to learn. The King and Queen take Cimorene on a state visit to a neighboring kingdom. Cimorene learns that they plan to arrange her marriage to an annoying prince named Therandil. Faced with the prospect, Cimorene runs away. She meets a group of dragons, and volunteers to become the "captive" princess of the dragon Kazul. Kazul assigns Cimorene to cook for her and organize her library and treasure hoard. Cimorene likes her position and becomes friends with Kazul, but finds she must constantly deal with knights and princes who want to rescue her.

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