Tolabar MP are fully restored in the Save Room. Enemy listings will not appear in this section caastlevania they are discovered and defeated. Translated Japanese Manual Story. On the evening of the 20 js A.

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Surprisingly, I do have a life. Regardless, several reader comments and view points were put into the guide. Some ratings have been changed accordingly. Also revised a couple of souls. Brought to us by Konami, the game is considered one of the finest in the series for its immersive atmosphere and gameplay in the vein of the widely-loved Symphony of the Night.

The game follows the trials of one Soma Cruz, a young man living in the year When the first solar eclipse of the twenty-first century comes around, Soma visits the nearby shrine with his friend Mina to lay witness.

But forget all that. What really sets Aria of Sorrow out from its compatriots in the Castlevania license is the Soul System. See, there are foes within the game, and each one has a slim chance of dropping its Soul. These Souls generally act as sub-weapons for Soma, and have an expansive amount of utilities, from throwing mud to summoning cats; - Guardian Souls, used by holding the R button. These Souls are passive, and help Soma in more subtle ways, such as increasing stats.

You may have one of each type of Soul equipped to Soma at a time. Now, the issue is here that some of the Souls are simply better than others, and getting a Soul from an enemy can take a very long time.

Please also note the following about this guide: - Opinions are rendered aesthetically. I test the Soul out in a few situations and then pass judgment. Big deal. So without further ado The range makes it absolutely impossible to hit almost any enemy, and the damage just stinks.

Get Merman! I just love watching femurs arc uselessly through the air only to fall several feet short of their target. To use this right you simply have to jump around like a madman, dancing around your opponent and lobbing a bone and then getting away as quickly as possible. Or you can just get Merman. Axe Armor works on the principle that a dumb boomerang might, flying out on a straight line and then retreading that line until it goes off-screen.

Unfortunately, this is a rather slow process and really only does appreciable damage on enemies that are just standing around. The damage Skull Archer does is solid, but other than that it is a Soul ridden with problems. You can, however, get about three on the field with some rapid taps of the B button, and in different places if you like. With its low MP cost and good damage, this is a considerable substitute for Axe Armor, but no more than that.

Verdict: 4. Perishes when out of water. Across- the-screen range and the ability to pass through enemies, in addition to that aforementioned hot damage, make this a great Soul This is a little like Axe Armor, but with less range and more "wtf". After you launch one, it just kind of flies in this halfhearted circle back to your hand.

Not many enemies ever appear in that radius of attack anyway. Pass on this one. Nonthreatening MP cost, great damage, three on the field at a time and a decent range of attack The grenades bounce along the ground for a bit and then detonate. MP Cost: 16 Evaluation: This is a surprisingly good early-game soul.

Consider also that it can get two completely separate and distanced targets at once, as well. Other than that, make good use of Ghost. Other than that, this Soul is really nothing special. The damage is lackluster and there are better Souls for your MP cost. The notes are too slow and easily dodged or neutralized.

Use something else. Verdict: 2. It does more damage than Ghost and is probably more effective for multiple targets, but unlike Ghost, it never stacks since the blades are on the exact same wavelength.

Verdict: 7. One Katana makes a beeline for the enemy. You can throw them out pretty fast and they also travel through their targets, so you can nail several baddies on a straight line. The damage is good and the MP cost, while noticeable, is fairly generous. You can also only get out two at a time. Verdict: 3. The cats run all the way across the screen through any targets. They do fantastic damage to larger, slower enemies, and the sheer volume of evil kitties you can send out will quickly slay any foe.

You can run along in the direction of the cats to prolong their usefulness, most likely clearing the screen of any enemies that are on the ground. This all comes at a price - getting too cat-happy will devour your MP.

Try combining it with Black Panther, for instance. Verdict: 5. MP Cost: 15 Evaluation: Pretty solid damage, a decent range, quick delivery speed and lenient MP cost make this all a very usable early- midgame Soul. Not much more to say. You could make use of it. Verdict: 6. Suddenly jumping for no reason and changing directions upon hitting a wall make it very difficult to hit any enemy, immobile or otherwise.

The damage is a little unimpressive for the MP cost, they disappear too quickly upon use, and since you have to get three out for any chance of hitting the MP will vanish too quickly. This is just an inefficient diversion. MP Cost: 30 Evaluation: Like others of its ilk, the Waiter Skeleton will prove to be very useful against slow-moving enemies. Though the damage is low, this will hit a slow or immobile foe about five times before vanishing away, dealing some surprising damage for a 30 MP move.

Personally, I think there are better moves for your MP usage. This is just a little too steep to justify making constant use of. This is a massive waste of 20 MP. Whatever monsters are on screen will probably attack it once and then go right back to slaughtering your dumb ass. Stick to something with an actual use, please. MP Cost: 60 Evaluation: Ehh. This can be clever here and there, but like with the Killer Doll, regular enemies are not enough of a danger to justify constant usage.

Not only that, but the MP cost is three times as high for a move that lasts about the same amount of time six or seven seconds. Disc Armor swinging around his little blade. Eh, I dunno, if you really feel that threatened by simple enemies use Kyoma Demon instead. They might come in handy during certain concentrated stretches, but in any situation Kyoma Demon is usually better. Valkyrie hits hard, comes out fast, has a great area of effect and is attained fairly early on. The one big issue here is that of MP.

Valkyrie is a good investment, however. That kind of massive Holy damage will do you nothing but good throughout a major portion of the game. MP Cost: 24 Evaluation: More like a "beam of stupid". I mean, the components of a good Soul are there - very good damage, conservative MP cost, manageable speed, petrification of enemies that are weak against Stone You basically have to jump directly over your enemy to make use of this, which is just begging for you to take some damage.

Personally, I find myself using Bullet Souls quite a bit while jumping, and Werewolf excludes me from doing just that. Other than that Just like Waiter Skeleton, it does five hits to slower enemies and inflates its mediocre damage, but it has an extremely limited range and also travels a little. The fire burst basically happens right in front of Soma, moves forward an inch and then dissipates. As a matter of fact Pick something that can do damage AND keep you safe.

MP Cost: 34 Evaluation: This travels at the exact same trajectory as the Blue Crow Soul does, only it seems to get a wee bit more range. The damage is also quite impressive, even though the MP cost might take a toll after repeated use. You can also land double hits on enemies far more easily than you can with the Blue Crow, which means even more damage still. MP Cost: 25 Evaluation: Not bad, really, but you should have found something a little more hefty than this to smack enemies around with.

Harpy shoots feathers in front of and behind Soma for decent damage. Bomber Armor does massive damage to any foe unfortunate enough to be standing around when the blast goes off. MP Cost: 46 Evaluation: This is what you all have been waiting for. Lightning Doll is in the running for one of the best Bullet Souls in the game.


Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow – Soul Evaluation Guide





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