During the late s, the relatively wide fuselage of the Challenger, which could comfortably seat a pair of passengers on each side of a central aisle, was observed by some Canadair officials to suggest that it would be somewhat straightforward to produce a stretch of the aircraft for the purpose of accommodating more seats. Accordingly, in , the company publicised its proposal for an expanded model of the aircraft, designated as the Challenger E, which would have had seating for an additional 24 passengers. Despite the cancellation of the E, neither the concept or general interest in the development of an enlarged derivative had disappeared. The programme was launched with the aim of selling at least aircraft.

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The launch customers for this great jet, Brit Air and MyAir, were ready to take control of their aircraft and improve their fleets. The first flight was 3.

Orders and Deliveries Even though MyAir was one of the first companies to order the CRJ, they soon filed for bankruptcy, so Brit Air was the first launch customer. Other orders soon flooded in, including from Air Nostrum for 35 jets and Adria Airways for one.

After a fault in the rudder controls during a flight test in , the jet was put on hold to fix the problem before resuming again in February Hamilton Standard provides the electrical generators, both providing an impressive 40kVA. Engine nacelles are provided by Bombardier Aerospace of Belfast. There is a redesigned wing tip on the CRJ as well as an improved wing leading edge. This allows for reduced approach speeds and improves the lift-to-drag ratio.

The overall length of the aircraft is It is equipped with a powerful Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system and has a crew alerting system, engine indication system, and electronic flight and info system.

Additionally, the instrument panel features six cathode ray tube displays. There is an impressive guidance system as well as multiple other advanced systems to help avoid collisions and to check the weather and heading. De-icing systems on the cockpit side windows and the windscreen prevent ice from building up during cold international flights. Cabin This jet features a spacious and comfortable cabin, which is great as it is used for international flights, and the extra room ensures that passengers are as comfortable as possible when flying.

The main cabin is Between and passengers can comfortably ride in the plane in a four-across seating arrangement. There are other interior layouts, as well. One is a two-class interior that offers a mixed seat pitch. Inside the cabin, the lighting is provided by Hella Aerospace GmbH. A powerful Liebherr management system controls the air conditioning in the cabin.

Both the A2 and the original have the same thrust rating of Additionally, the A2 engine has an improved turbine. This reduces the maintenance cost of the engine and also increases its durability. Modifications include an improved cooling system as well as updated airfoil coating. The engines are, as usual, mounted in the rear of the fuselage and have full digital control. With an impressive 3, kilometer range, it can go the farthest out of the aircraft in this series. The CRJ only needs 2, meters for take-off and just 1, meters for landing.

This gear is a retractable tricycle-type gear. This plane can easily carry between 66 and passengers, but the CRJ is thought to have a better profit per seat than this competition. Other competitors include the Boeing and the Airbus A You may also choose to view all other current aircraft models from Bombardier Aerospace.


Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet

Bombardier CRJ aircraft prototype completed its first flight on September 3, Bombardier CRJ is marketed to meet the needs of regional airlines that are developing for jets of up to seats, with environmentally friendly performance and with a special focus on low operating costs, greater fuel efficiency and increased passenger comfort. The fuselage has a semi-monocoque design. The overall length is The aircraft is equipped with Menasco Aerospace three-wheeled landing gear that can be pulled. A total of 1, regional Bombardier CRJ regional jets were ordered, and 1, of them were sent. Bombardier CRJ aircraft are built in two versions, the standard version and the extended-range ER version.


Bombardier CRJ-1000

Leading-edge extensions and high-lift slats improved the wing performance, other aerodynamic changes included an enlarged horizontal tailfin. Its improvements and conic nozzle enhances fuel economy by 5. The Endeavor fleet of CRJ NextGen aircraft are configured in a two class seating configuration, with 12 first class seats and 64 coach seats. A re-engining of the CRJ, akin to the rival Embraer E-Jet E2 , with newer and more efficient engines, such as the GE Passport , to replace the current GE CF34 powerplants, would be unlikely to overcome the certification expense, primarily as newer engines are larger and heavier, eroding fuel burn improvements that would be achieved on short regional routes.


Bombardier CRJ1000 Specs, Engine, Interior, Cockpit, and Price



Bombardier CRJ 1000


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