Characters[ edit ] Thais Allard - One of two twins, Thais was born on November 23 shortly after midnight. She was raised by her father, Michel Allard, in Welsford, Connecticut until he died in a car accident. Thais is the more responsible of the two sisters, always following the rules. Upon discovering the existence of her twin sister, Thais moved in with Petra and Clio, where she began to learn witchcraft. Like Clio, Thais was unknowingly dating Luc-Andre Martin at the same time as her sister and broke up with him upon finding out.

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May 22, Maya rated it it was ok Balefire 1 is pretty meh. There are three different POVs. Two first person and one third person, that switches between the 10 or so members of the coven. The two main characters first person narrators are both pretty annoying brats.

Annoying bratty twins. One is a bit worse than the other, but neither are likeable. I did like that one of the girls Clio is self-confident, likes to flirt and is proactive instead of passive. Clio might well turn into a bad guy, because she is jealous of her sister or be punished for her "superficiality".

Now, the story is almost non-existent. But apparently there was never actually enough story for so many books, which might be why you end up with pages for one book, which is super short already, and still basically nothing happens. I disagree with the whole "but the first book in a series is just an introduction" argument. So, Balefire 1 offers little more than a characters presentation.

We also get two times of big mega instant love. Well, Balefire is not the worst YA paranormal romance novel out there, but it is far from impressive. Recommended for readers who are especially interested in pagan mythology, because Balefire is definitely much better than House of Night. Her first series, Sweep, was going to compromise four books, until it got so popular that Penguin commissioned twelve. This series took the opposite route. She planned a twelve to fifteen book series - and it got cut down to four due to low sales.

Tiernan is a great writer, so I decided to pick up the books and see if she could capture my attention again. Balefire starts off with two main protagonists: Thais pronounced Tye-ees and Clio. We are also treated to occasional third person narratives of various secondary characters, enacting a much larger part of the plotline.

The only downside is that the alternating narratives make the plot much more slow going than I wanted it to be. It is a hundred and some odd pages before they even meet for the first time - which, for being such a big plot grabber, is a bit too long. Tiernan, however, made me manage to want to keep reading the series, and not just because the books are still pretty quick and written by her hand.

The characters shine just as much as those in Sweep - maybe even more so. She finds ways to explore them without making them seem wrong or dangerous. Clio is a little less interesting, being a more shallow personality and easily readable.

The secondary characters such as Axelle and Nan are done well, though there are so many of them that keeping track is hard. This is mostly due to the narrative structure again. Her descriptions of New Orleans and its many parts and hidden crannies make it seem like such a three-dimensional place to be.

Usually the setting is a backdrop for characters, but Tiernan actually makes it a huge part of the story. Her usage of French due to the family lineage of the witches and the locale was also well done. And, as per usual, her male characters are spot on admirable.

Andre is much like your main male protagonist from Sweep - nearly perfect and accepting in every way. Luc is much more original - and hey, I have a thing for those complex men. I just wish it was more of a BAM novel than a set-up one, because I know that her writing has the ability to achieve it.

On another, more positive note, it also has me looking forward to her newest book, Immortal Beloved, which I am very anxious to read. Rating: 3 Stars.


Balefire (novel series)



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