Speculative Execution Cascad Securing Apache HBasc Secur ing Access To Your Dala Security Configuration Example Architecture abl Client

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Speculative Execution Cascad Securing Apache HBasc Secur ing Access To Your Dala Security Configuration Example Architecture abl Client Client Request Filters Regions bi. Regions Bulk load g Timclinc-consistont High Availablc Roads REST 74, Thrift Scala Jython Thrift APi and filter language Filter Language HBase and Spark Bulk load Apache HBase Coprocessors Types of Coprocessor Loading Coprocessors Operat ing System Network ava HBase Confi gurations ZoCK Schema Design HBase General Patterns Writing Lu HBase Reading from HBase Deleting from HBase HDES Amazon ec Collocating HBase and MapReduce General Guidelines Resources Cli MapReduce NauE Ill.

Regionserver Master ZooKeeper HBase and Hadoop version issues HBase and hdfS Running unit or integration tests Case Studies Cryptographic Features Opcrating Systcm Spccific Issuc Overview HBase lools and Utilities Regi Node man Mo Capacity Planni d Region s Table Rename Building ar:d IDE Buil Releasing Apache HBase Voting on Release Candidates Generating the HBcse Re ference Guide Tcsts JUnit Mockito MRUni L Decisions Community Roles Client modifications Amendments and improvements to the documentation are we comed.

Quick start- Standalone hBase This gui de describes the setup of a standalone hBase instance running against the local filesystem. This is not an appropriate configuration for a production instance of HBase, but will allow you to experiment with HBase. This section shows you how to create a table in HBase using the hbase shell cll, insert rows into the table, perform put and scan operations against the table, enable or disable the table, ard start and stop hBase.

Apart from downloading HBase, this procedure should take less than 10 minutes Local Filesystem and Durability The following is fixed in HBase 98 y and beyond. The HDFS local filesystem implementation will lose edits if files arc not properly closcd. This is very likely to happen when you arc cxocrimenting with ncw softwarc, starting and stopping the daemons often and not al ways cleanly.

This is fixed in hbase-0 96 0 anc beyond Prior to HBase 0. Usc this as a template if you run into trouble See Java for information abo t supported JDK versions 2. Get Started with hbase Procedure: Download. This will take you to a mirror of HBase Releases. Click on the folder named stable and then download the binary file that ends in. Prior to l x version, be sure to choose the version that corresponds with the version of Hadoop you are likely to use later ir most cases, you should choose the file for hadoop 2, which will be called something like hbase-0 98 hadoop2-bin.

Do not download the file ending in src. Extract the downloaded file, and change to the newly-created directory. For HBase 0. Prior to0.


Apache HBase ™ Reference Guide

Drilling down You can drill down on a metric record by pressing i key in the top screen. With this feature, you can find hot regions easily in a top-down manner. Help screen You can see the help screen by pressing h key in the top screen. How hbtop gets the metrics data hbtop gets the metrics from ClusterMetrics which is returned as the result of a call to Admin getClusterMetrics on the current HMaster. To add metrics to hbtop, they will need to be exposed via ClusterMetrics. Feedback, bugs, and enhancements are all welcome!


Apache HBase

Because HBase depends on Hadoop, it bundles an instance of the Hadoop jar under its lib directory. The bundled jar is ONLY for use in standalone mode. In distributed mode, it is critical that the version of Hadoop that is out on your cluster match what is under HBase. Replace the hadoop jar found in the HBase lib directory with the hadoop jar you are running on your cluster to avoid version mismatch issues. Make sure you replace the jar in HBase everywhere on your cluster. Hadoop version mismatch issues have various manifestations but often all looks like its hung up. Apache HBase 0.


Apache HBase Guide


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